Food Lion Weekly Ad 26th July – 1st August 2023

Food Lion Weekly Ad 26th July – 1st August 2023 Page 1

Food Lion Weekly Ad 26th July – 1st August 2023 have a great deal to fill your table with fresh fruits and vegetables. Summer brings together all the flavors of nature, bringing great opportunities for those who like to eat active, fresh and healthy. Come, visit Food Lion and enjoy the taste of these wonderful vegetables!

For those seeking out for a tropical taste, mango could be a summer staple! New, ready mangoes can be found at Nourishment Lion stores, taking you on a travel of tasty flavors with a sweet and juicy taste. Also, mango costs drop significantly amid the summer months, making this a extraordinary opportunity to include a few to your cart!

Strawberries are a idealize choice to celebrate the begin of summer! You’ll discover fragrant and colorful strawberries at Nourishment Lion stores. Whether eaten on its claim, included to dessert, or utilized as a smoothie, these delightful natural products will give a cool and refreshing summer involvement.

Colorful Salad Ingredients

Planning a serving of mixed greens with a assortment of colorful vegetables may be a awesome thought to bring summer freshness to your table! The Nourishment Lion Store offers a wide assortment of new and changed vegetables. Carrots, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and more will include color to your summer serving of mixed greens and contribute to your sound eat less. It ought to be famous that these astounding vegetables are accessible at a marked down cost amid the summer!

There’s nothing like getting a charge out of a watery watermelon to cool off on hot summer days! You can find delicious, regular watermelons at Nourishment Lion stores. The juicy and sweet watermelons will make your picnics, grills and summer parties more agreeable.

During the summer, Food Lion not only offers fruits and vegetables, but also many other products at discounted prices. Stop by the store, you can buy fresh, healthy products at affordable prices and enjoy the full flavor of summer. Wishing you a healthy and energetic summer!