Food Lion Weekly Ad

Check out the Food Lion Weekly Ad here for the discounts on general grocery products, fresh produce, seafood, meat, snacks, breakfast, pantry, and rewarded purchases. Promotional deals like circular sales are vital for frugal shoppers. Get savvy with the information of the daily or weekly discounts by this retailer. You can easily use or browse a Food Lion Ad to start savings.

BOGO Free sales are one of the deal types in these ads. Hot Sale discounts are regularly in-ad content and they have the major places in regular ads. Some weeks, they introduce new products through these circular sales. It’s very much possible to find a Food Lion special. Local foods are one of the categories and you can find exclusively produced goods in weekly ads. So browse the Food Lion circular ads to access the maximum possible savings you can get from this store.

Food Lion operates with over 1000 supermarkets in 10 states as of today. They have stores in Mid Atlantic and South Atlantic. Since 1957, they serve as one of the popular retailers of grocery and regular home products. It’s a Belgium-based group who owns the retailer. Previously, they had Bottom Dollar Food, Reid’s, Bloom, and Harveys supermarket. You may have encountered one of these. Check this page regularly to see the latest Food Lion Weekly Ad and start saving.


Save Money with Food Lion Weekly Ad Sep 4 – 10, 2019

Food Lion Ad brings you amazing discounts. You can save money on meat, grocery, seafood, snacks, etc.

food lion weekly ad sep 4 2019

They have inexpensive beef, pork, and chicken. Also, they offer quality shrimp, flounder fillets, and fish fillets. Don’t miss the chance to buy turkey and beef franks. Also, you can buy inexpensive sliced bacon and smoked sausage.

Food Lion Weekly Ad offers ice tea, coffee, and purified water on a discount. Also, you can find cheap ice-cream sandwiches, snacks, and cookies. Moreover, they have beverages and beer at low prices. In addition, don’t miss the chance to buy canned, conserved, and frozen food. They offer beans, mozzarella sticks, pizzas, and microwaveable burgers.

Moreover, you can buy grapes, nectarines, tomatoes, and lettuce. Also, they have quality avocados, oranges, and lemons. Don’t miss the chance to buy cucumbers, celery, and peppers. Finally, they have potatoes and muscadine grapes on sale.

Finally, you can find inexpensive health and beauty products. They have deodorants, razors, and hair-care items. Also, they offer oral-care products. In addition, you can buy anti-allergy drugs. Moreover, they have discounts in the baby products department. As a result, you can buy affordable baby wipes, diapers, and organic food.

Labor Day Savings with Food Lion Weekly Ad Aug 28 – Sep 3, 2019

Here’s the new Food Lion Ad valid until September 3rd.

food lion weekly ad aug 28 2019

First of all, you can save money on the meat department. They have quality freshly cut boneless beef steaks at low prices. Also, you can buy lobster tail and shrimp. Moreover, they offer quality cooked ham. In addition, Food Lion Weekly Ad offers pork ribs and inexpensive chicken meat.

Moreover, you can save money on their sustainable seafood. They have crab clusters, tuna steaks, salmon fillets, and salmon fillets in herbs. In addition, they offer ready-made food perfect for parties and family gatherings. First of all, you can find quality, fresh apple pie at a low price. Also, they offer pretzels, cupcakes, and rolls.

Also, you should go to Food Lion if you need different kinds of cheese at low prices. They have affordable mozzarella and feta cheese. Also, you can buy deli products, such as deli salads and sliced, smoked chicken breasts.

Finally, go to Food Lion if you need different kinds of salsa, sauces, dips, and spreads. Also, they have ice-creams, biscuits, and snacks at low prices. Don’t miss these amazing discounts valid until September 3rd.

Buy More Spend Less with Food Lion Ad from August 21-27, 2019

Food Lion Ad valid from August 21-27 offers new exciting discounts.

food lion weekly ad aug 21 2019

First of all, you can save money on meat products. There are frozen turkey breasts. Moreover, you can buy cheap cooked shrimps. Also, they offer quality lean ground chuck. There are pork chops at affordable prices too. If you are looking for quality beef sirloin steaks, go to Food Lion.

Food Lion Weekly Ad offers amazing fruit discounts. First of all, you can buy inexpensive avocados. Also, they offer a 3 lb. bag of mandarins at only 3.69 USD! In addition, you should buy mangoes. Each costs only 79 cents.

Moreover, Food Lion offers inexpensive ready-made products. There are frozen pizzas and cookies. You can find inexpensive muffins and crullers. Also, there are ready-made dips and sauces. Moreover, you can save money on cheese and marinades.

Finally, there are quality breakfast items within the Buy 5 Save 5 program. You can find cheap cereals. Also, they offer discounted beverages. Water, energy drinks, and tea are on sale. You can also buy various Coke products at low prices. Finally, save money on wine and other drinks.

New Food Lion Ad August 14 – August 20, 2019 

Food Lion prepared new and exciting offers. The Food Lion ad for August 14th – August 20th includes boneless beef steak. Moreover, you can buy inexpensive back ribs and quality chicken meat. Similarly, they offer cheap frozen shrimps.  

Moreover, the Food Lion Weekly ad offer includes grapes, red potatoes, peppers, and ready-made salad. All of these products are on exceptionally good discounts. In addition, you can buy cheap ice cream and cookies. There are also discounted snacks and beverages.  

Moreover, this week’s offer includes rewards if you buy specific products. Those include both snacks and breakfast groceries. Also, you can save money on fish fillets and ground turkey products. Similarly, they offer affordable bakery products and cheese.  

If you activate their Shop and Earn program, you can save even more. In addition, join the Buy 5, Save 5 deal and buy even more products without spending lots of money!  

Finally, Food Lion offers quality and inexpensive wines and beer. You can also buy cheap products from their dairy and frozen products category. Similarly, we recommend you to visit the health and beauty department. There are razors, cartridges, face cleaning products, and shampoos at low prices.