Target Midweek Grocery Sale valid from Jan 29 – Feb 1, 2020.

Target Midweek Grocery Sale is valid from Jan 29 – Feb 1, 2020. Here are the products you can buy this week at a discount.

First of all, the new Target Ad is rich in groceries. For example, you can buy frozen food and ready-made meals, including different kinds of pizzas. Also, they sell beverages, such as juice, soft drinks, and soda. You can also find alcoholic drinks. They offer quality wines. If you are looking for sweets at low prices, hurry up to Target. Moreover, they sell avocados at a reasonable price. Most importantly, you can buy one get one 20% off ground beef.

Secondly, this Target offer brings you many different kinds of snacks. You can find classic potato chips, scoops, crackers, etc. Most noteworthy, you get a special price on dips and salsa when you buy selected varieties of snacks. Don’t miss this unique opportunity at Target! Visit them from January 29th to February 1st and save lots of money.

Thirdly, Target sells napkins, disposable cups, and disposable plates. Therefore, there are many good reasons to go to this store while their supplies and discounts last. To see other ads similar to Target Midweek Grocery Sale valid from Jan 29 – Feb 1, 2020., visit this site.


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