Smart and Final Ad Aug 28 – Sep 3, 2019

Smart and Final Ad offers new exciting discounts.

First of all, you can find chicken half breasts at only 88 cents/lb. Also, they offer quality pork spareribs at 1.99 USD/lb. Moreover, you can save money if you buy boneless beef steaks and meat franks.

The new Smart and Final Weekly Ad is valid until September 3rd. Until then, you can benefit from buy fruit and vegetables at low prices. First of all, they have quality seedless watermelons. Also, they offer inexpensive grapes.

Moreover, you can find various groceries at affordable prices. Sour cream, eggs, and sauces are on a discount. Also, you can find cheap sparkling water and juices. Similarly, they offer beer and spring water at low prices.

Finally, go to Smart and Final if you want to buy vodka or other alcohol drinks. They are on sale until September 3rd. In addition, you can find snacks, sweets, and coffee. Also, they sell quality, inexpensive canned and conserve food. You can find ready-made meals and frozen food too. Frozen fruit is on a discount this week as well.


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