Save Money with Smart and Final Ad from August 21-27

Smart and Final Ad offers amazing discounts.

First of all, you can save money on meat. You can buy boneless beef steaks at only 2.99 USD/lb. Also, they offer ground turkey. You can buy 2 16-oz packages at only 5 USD. Similarly, if you are looking for quality snacks, go to Smart and Final. Moreover, this week, you can buy different kinds of tortilla and chips.

Smart and Final Weekly Ad offers discounted fruit as well. First of all, you can buy inexpensive strawberries. Namely, 2-pound pack costs 2.49 USD. If you are looking for fresh cantaloupe, go to Smart and Final. The cost is only 16 cents per lb. Also, you can find quality cranberry cocktail juice at low prices.

In addition, you should visit Smart and Final if you need milk. This week, you can buy 128 oz at only 2.75 USD. Also, they offer 4 lb. sugar for only 1,99 USD. In addition, corn, vegetable, and canola oil are on sale too. Moreover, you can find affordable charcoal. Club size 40 lb. is only 13.99 USD.

Therefore, hurry up to Smart and Final and don’t miss these amazing discounts!


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