Hy-Vee Weekly Ad Oct 16 – 22 – Organic Food Sale

Hy-Vee Weekly Ad Oct 16-22 brings you excellent organic food sales. Check their other discounted products below.

Hy-Vee Ad is rich in fresh fruits and veggies. Firstly, you can buy cheap apples and raspberries. Secondly, they have affordable seedless grapes, navel oranges, and avocados. If you are looking for quality asparagus, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini, hurry up to Hy-Vee, Moreover, they have cantaloupe, peppers, onions, and plums at low prices.

Hy-Vee Weekly Ad Oct 16-22 includes meat discounts. You can buy inexpensive boneless beef steaks and ground beef patties. Also, they sell pork loin, ground chuck, and chicken. If you want to buy ground turkey or burger patties, visit Hy-Vee.

Furthermore, they have kidney beans, entrees, snacks, and sweets at affordable prices. On-sale items include salads, veggie mix, and salad dressings.

When it comes to organic food, you can buy organic squash, cheese, and almond milk. Likewise, they offer organic avocado oil, oats, and yogurt. Finally, you can buy natural kombucha, juices, and ice-cream.

Finally, Hy-Vee weekly ad includes Halloween candies. You can buy everything you need for a perfect party. Therefore, stay informed on amazing Hy-Vee discounts. You can visit this website to see all incoming deals and prices.


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