Harris Teeter Weekly Ad

Harris Teeter has 248 stores located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbus, Delaware as well as Florida. As a supermarket chain, Harris Teeter is famous for its wide range of products dealing on groceries, fresh produce and other related items. The Harris Teeter Weekly Ad brings you Weekly deals that assure you of great discounts on a lot of products offered by this store.

One of the deals that the Harris Teeter Weekly Ad offers is the buy one get one free deal. This means that when you buy a particular product in a category, you get an Additional product of the same category free of charge. The Harris Teeter Ad also offers deals on coupon savings. This is a great deal that allows you to save money by using the Harris Teeter coupons.

Some of the products that you can get at discounted rates from these deals include fresh produce, groceries and home needs.

The Harris Teeter Ad comes up every week. You can stay updated for the latest deals and products on the supermarket’s website. However, you can also download the app from the android Google play store or iOS store depending on the device you are using.


Harris Teeter BOGOs Ad valid from Nov 13 – 19, 2019.

Harris Teeter BOGOs Ad is valid from Nov 13 – 19, 2019. They offer hundreds of discounted items.

harris teeter ad nov 13 2019

First of all, the Harris Teeter Weekly Ad is rich in BOGO free deals. For example, if you buy one Progresso soup, you get one free. Likewise, BOGO free deals include Ruffles or Doritos. Similarly, if you buy one bag of peel white shrimp, you get two free! Likewise, if you buy two bags of shredded cheese, you get three for free. If you buy 2 cans of kidney, pinto or black beans, you get two cans free. Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal refers to diced or stewed tomatoes, as well as Coca Cola products.

Secondly, you can buy fresh fruit. They offer red seedless grapes, red raspberries, and blackberries. Moreover, you can buy different kinds of quality, yet inexpensive wines. They offer Yellow Tail, Barefoot, Lindeman’s, Chateau St. Michelle, La Crema, and other brands.

Thirdly, you can buy basic groceries, including milk, juices, coffee, sugar, and butter. They also sell snacks, cereals, mushrooms, and eggs. On-sale items include seltzer, ground beef, and ground turkey.

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Harris Teeter Ad Nov 6 – 12, 2019. Grocery and Meat Sale

Harris Teeter Ad Nov 6 – 12, 2019. brings you hundreds of discounted items. Take a look at their full weekly offer below.

harris teeter ad nov 6 2019

First of all, Harris Teeter Weekly Ad is rich in groceries. Namely, you can buy granulated sugar, butter, and spreads. On-sale items include cereals and frozen food too. Moreover, you can buy juices, smoothies, and cinnamon rolls. Likewise, they sell ready-made pizza, snacks, and sweets. If you are looking for apple sauce, ice-cream or English muffins, hurry up to Harris Teeter. Furthermore, they offer sorbet, pasta, cheese, and eggs. You can also save money on different kinds of tea, peanuts, and milk.

Secondly, if you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, go to Harris Teeter. As a result, you can buy seedless navel oranges and fresh blueberries. Also, they sell baby carrots and broccoli.

Thirdly, you can buy affordable meat. They offer beef T-bone steaks and porterhouse. You can find wild-caught snow crab clusters and boneless center cut pork chops. Most noteworthy, they have wild-caught tuna steaks and Angus beef steaks. Boneless chicken breasts are also part of their weekly offer.

Therefore, pay a visit to Harris Teeter before the discounts expire. Finally, to see other deals similar to this Harris Teeter Ad Nov 6 – 12, 2019., visit this website.

Harris Teeter Ad Oct 16 – 22, 2019. – Meat and Groceries

Harris Teeter Ad Oct 16-22 is rich in grocery and meat discounts. Take a look at the ad below and find out what you can buy this week at low prices.

harris teeter ad oct 16 2019

Harris Teeter Ad includes self-rising flour, kidney beans, and black beans. Also, you can save money on granulated sugar, yogurt, and canned tomatoes. If you are looking for cheap raisin brans and wheats, hurry up to Harris Teeter. Moreover, they offer discounted orange juice and probiotics, as well as crackers and potato crisps.

Harris Teeter Weekly Ad is rich in fresh produce too. Firstly, you can buy pumpkins and strawberries. Secondly, they sell mushrooms and peppers.

Furthermore, groceries include soups, shredded cheese, and BOGO Free Doritos and Ruffles. You can also find oatmeal, entrees, and shrimp at a discount. On-sale items include beef T-bone steak and different kinds of beer. You can also buy coffee, Pepsi products, and tea.

If you want to buy milk, bagels, English muffins or wine, pay a visit to Harris Teeter. There are lots of other produces on sale too. All discounts are valid until October 22nd.

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BOGO Free Deals with Harris Teeter Ad Oct 9 – 15, 2019

Harris Teeter Ad is active from October 9th to October 15th. Here’s their full offer for this week.

harris teeter ad oct 9 2019

Harris Teeter Weekly Ad is rich in grocery discounts. First of all, you can buy butter, spreads, and frozen fruit at a discount. Secondly, they have purified water, chicken strips, and ready-made pizza at low prices. On-sale items include yogurt and crackers too.

In addition, you can save money on apples, asparagus, and blackberries. Moreover, they offer organic Basmati rice, honey, and different kinds of fruit preserves, including organic strawberry products. If you are looking for BOGO Free bagels, muffins, cereals, juices, and organic broth, hurry up to Harris Teeter. Similarly, the BOGO Free deal includes bath tissues, toilet paper, pasta sauce, and chicken breasts.

In addition, you can buy affordable shrimp, pork ribs, and tuna steaks. Also, they have conserved artichoke hearts at a low price. Moreover, you can find ice-cream, coffee, and soups. Similarly, they sell cheap sorbet pints, oats, Coca Cola items, and cheese. If you are looking for extra-virgin olive oil and crackers, hurry up to Harris Teeter. All discounts and BOGO Free deals expire on October 15th.

Harris Teeter Ad offers Amazing e-Vic member prices Oct 2 – 8, 2019

You can buy BOGO Free groceries with the new Harris Teeter Ad. Check their full weekly offer below.

harris teeter weekly ad oct 2 2019

First of all, don’t miss the chance to buy butter, ice-cream, and coffee at a discount. Secondly, they offer cream cheese, milk, and probiotics. If you are looking for fresh fruits and veggies, you can get quality blackberries and seedless grapes. Moreover, they offer red, orange, and yellow bell peppers at a low price. In addition, you can get inexpensive mushrooms.

Harris Teeter Weekly Ad is rich in canned and conserved food discounts. They have canned veggies, frozen food, and ready-made meals. You can also buy organic broth, beer, and sparkling water. Moreover, they offer wild-caught snow crab clusters at a discount. Also, they have scallops and salmon fillets. Similarly, you can get quinoa blends, organic rice, and meatless crumbles.

Coca Cola products are on sale too. In addition, you can buy snacks and sweets at low prices. Finally, they have entrees, wines, and other foods perfect for parties. Don’t miss these amazing deals at Harris Teeter. All discounts expire on October 8th.