First of all, this is not one of the oldest supermarket chains in the US. However, it is one of the best ones today! Namely, El Super exists since 1997. During 22 years of their existence, they opened more than 60 locations. Also, they now exist in five states.  

First of all, El Super always has affordable prices. However, you can save even more if you follow El Super ad deals. Namely, they offer hundreds of products at low prices. 

Most importantly, most people can’t wait to see El Super weekly ad deals. For the reason that they lower the prices of dozens of items, people save hundreds of dollars. Most noteworthy, you get sales on different departments. First of all, groceries are cheap within the weekly programs. Also, you can buy cheap meat, deli, and frozen food items. In addition, they offer general merchandise, dairy, and bakery products on sale.   

Finally, you can follow these weekly ads on their official website. Also, you can keep track of the current discounts via your mobile phone. Remember, every week there is a new set of products. As a result, you can spend less and get more products in El Super markets.