Cub Foods April Ad valid from Mar 29 – Apr 4, 2020

Here is the new Cub Foods April Ad valid from Mar 29 – Apr 4, 2020. Don’t miss their discounts and Easter offers!

If you are looking for affordable meat products, pay a visit to Cub Foods. This week’s Cub Foods Ad valid until April 4th brings you 50% off beef T-bone steaks. Thanks to the discount, you can save up to $7.49 per lb. Additionally, they offer rotisserie chicken, BBQ baby back pork ribs, and turkey breast. You can find ahi tuna, salmon fillets, and crab clusters too.

When it comes to fruits and veggies, go to this store if you want to buy red seedless grapes, pink lady apples or granny smith apples. They also sell watermelon chunks at a low price.

This Cub Foods Weekly Ad is rich in groceries at reasonable prices. You can buy yogurt, ice-cream, snacks, cheese, and soda. They offer different kinds of bakery products, such as cupcakes, pretzel rolls, and half pies.

Finally, visit Cub Foods if you want to buy flowers. They sell Easter lilies, hydrangea, and spring bouquets starting at $9.99.

To see other offers similar to this Cub Foods Sale Ad valid from Mar 29 – Apr 4, 2020, visit this website.


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