Costco is a wholesale chain that is very popular across the USA. It has a long tradition. Namely, it exists since 1983. Since then, they opened more than 770 stores. Also, they have locations in the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.  

Customers simply love Costco. They have excellent products and kind staff. Moreover, they often have amazing deals. First of all, you should follow their official website. Then, make sure not to miss Costco ad deals. As a result, you can save hundreds of dollars.   

Most importantly, you should follow the Costco weekly ad offers. Consequently, you can find cheap protein products, deli products, and organic foods. Moreover, they often offer lots of home appliances with special discounts. You can save up to 100 USD per item! As a result, you can save several hundreds of dollars per purchase.  

Also, Costco offers dental care and hygiene products at reasonable prices. You can also benefit from their quantity-based discounts. Moreover, they sometimes pair up certain products and offer them at low prices. This is especially usual for hygiene and cleaning items.  

Finally, you can become their card member and save even more money. The weekly ads contain some discounts and products reserved only for the card membership owners.