If you live in Arizona, the chances that Bashas is your favorite grocery store are high. First of all, this is not one of the most popular grocery store chains in the USA. Also, they have more than 9,000 employees. In addition, they have a long tradition. Namely, they exist since 1932. Today, this chain has more than 118 locations.   

Bashas is also famous for their weekly offers. If you follow Bashas ad deals, you can save lots of money. Every week, they publish their new set of products on sale. There are several variations of the discounts.  

First of all, you can benefit from their general Bashas weekly ad deals. Moreover, look for the products that are on a special, 3-day sale within the week sale program. Also, you can save money via the 10% senior discount. This means that anyone older, or “better”, as they in Bashas say, than 55 gets 10 percent off.  

Moreover, they have lots of interesting digital offers. Those include card and coupon discounts too. You can save a few dollars if you have special coupons. Also, Bashas often has quantity-based special price offers. Make sure to follow their website for weekly sales and products.